Construction of a Croquet Lawn with Rose beds and planting

Our client had an area of lawn which sloped in various directions and wanted to turn the space into a more usable area.

Between us we came up with the idea of creating a Croquet Lawn surrounded by Rose beds and 2 raised vegetable beds.

We started by stripping the existing soil away and removing from site. Next we constructed retaining walls and raised beds using pressure treated sleepers concreted into the ground. Once completed we added perforated drainage pipe in a pattern to help drain the Lawn and filled the beds with topsoil. The Lawn area was then prepared using a tractor mounted rotovator and stoneburyer and then finally turfed.

The raised beds were planted with 120 number of Rosa Floribunda, and the surrounding areas planted with trees, shrubs and colourful herbaceous plants.

Owner : Mega Studop
Version : 1.0
Categories : Light, Wood
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